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Who We Are

We act as bridge. We provide opportunities.

Shifaa, an NGO that encompasses a profound belief in the value of human life at its essence, provides an opportunity for community members to donate time, blood, money or connections to help save patients (especially kids) in need of hospitalized operations by top medical talent through a multidisciplinary collaborative approach.


Our Mission

Serve the community

  • Life-Saving

    Helping poor patients in need of life threatening operations through alleviating the hospital bills

  • Wellness

    Acting as a bridge between blood donors and patients in need of blood.

Our Vision

To build an integrated network of members, volunteers,donors, as stakeholders in a life investment opportunity.


Shifaa was founded in 2002 by a group of friends to show their commitment and empathy towards their community. Their aim was to establish a non profit, non-governmental organization that focuses on donating blood to people in need and saving as many lives as possible.

One single drop of blood may not be much to some, but to others, it is the difference between life and death. By implementing a blood donation project, ‘Collaboration for Life’, that highlights the importance of human lives through social and medical services, Shifaa got registered in the Lebanese Religious Courts (#42/22) as ‘Waqf Shifaa for Blood Donation’.

11 years later, Shifaa’s activity spectrum grew wider and expanded to funding life threatening medical operations for needy patients .As a result , Shifaa obtained an official license of practice (Notice #170) from the Ministry of Interior and Municipality, to run under ‘Shifaa NGO for the Humanitarian Act’.

Today, Shifaa has built a loyal network of partners, members, volunteers, donors and sponsors.

It currently encompasses 3 committees that carry its mission and vision:

Lamsat Shifaa

Lamsat Shifaa committee operates the blood donation database and manages the medical operations for the needy patients. More..

Shifaa Youth Club

(SYC) aims at engaging a divese group of dedicated volunteers from the age of 16 in raising awareness for blood donation and spreading the culture of giving in their community by empowering them with specific skills that will shape them in becoming leading citizens who positively impact their society. More..

Shifaa Junior Club

NPO, whose members’ age range between 8 and 15 years old that aims at building socially active members who will add humanitarian and community based values to their society by empowering them in volunteering activities within an inspiring group of friends. More..