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Lamsat Shifaa committee operates the blood donation database and manages the medical operations for the needy patients.

Shifaa operates a database of potential blood donors. Shifaa acts as a liaison between the person in need of blood and the donor.

The person in need of blood contacts us to inform us of the specific blood type required. We, in turn, communicate with eligible donors from our database to see who is able to go and donate blood.

A follow-up is then made with the patient’s family accordingly, in order to inform them about the availability of the donor. More..

Many patients who face health problems cannot afford the expenses of their medical treatments. At Shifaa, we believe that every patient deserves exceptional medical care.

Our network of medical professionals who donate hours toward the care of patients and our supporters help us make a difference in the lives of needy patients.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we have, so far, contributed with your generosity in many surgeries over the years.More..