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About our club

Established in 2016, Shifaa Youth Club (SYC) aims at engaging a diverse group of dedicated volunteers from the age of 16 and above in raising awareness for blood donation and spreading the culture of giving in their community by empowering them with specific skills that will shape them in becoming leading citizens who positively impact their society.

Take part in Shifaa Youth Club and join us in helping help the community!

Shifaa Youth Club Activities

Blood Drive

The need is big, the benefits are plenty and the experience is very rewarding.

Based on our life-saving mission and to demonstrate our commitment to the health and well being of the communities we serve, SYC volunteers cultivate support and attract new donors in the Blood Drives they organize.

Each Blood Drive provides a safe and stable blood supply and helps us bring together donors who roll up their sleeves and give blood.

Educating potential donors about the benefits of blood donation.

Ensuring that patients receive the blood they need at any time of day or night.

Playing a leading role in protecting the safety of donors and patients.

Spreading the culture of giving.