Serve the community through helping poor patients in need of life threatening operations and acting as a bridge between blood donors and patients in need of blood.


Make memories of life time events whereby volunteers cultivate support and attract new donors…


Become a member in one of Shifaa’s communities and help the community in Lebanon in more ways than you can imagine…


Any small donation on your part would make a big difference! Contribute now by calling our support team: +961 (3) 88 54 08.

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Our Work

Lamsat Shifaa committee operates the blood donation database and manages the medical operations for the needy patients.

It aims at engaging a divese group of dedicated volunteers from the age of 16 in raising awareness for blood donation and spreading the culture of giving in their community by empowering them with specific skills that will shape them in becoming leading citizens who positively impact their society.More..

It includes whose members’ age range between 8 and 15 years old that aims at building socially active members who will add humanitarian and community based values to their society by empowering them in volunteering activities within an inspiring group of friends.More..