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Our Medical Operations

Many patients who face health problems cannot afford the expenses of their medical treatments. At Shifaa, we believe that every patient deserves exceptional medical care.

Our network of medical professionals who donate hours toward the care of patients and our supporters help us make a difference in the lives of needy patients.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we have, so far, contributed with your generosity in many surgeries over the years.

In 2013, we contributed in 2 medical cases.

  • M.D.; AUBMC

M.D, a one and a half-year-old boy, suffered from recurrent seizures. Thanks to AUBMC and Shifaa’s generous donors, he is free from his seizures and leads a normal life.

  • A.S.; AUBMC

A.S., a six-year-old girl, suffered from recurrent seizures with migraines and thanks to the AUBMC and Shifaa’s generous donors; she’s now free from her seizures and leads a normal life.

In 2014, we contributed in 21 medical cases at a total cost of 29,291.00 USD with the help of our donors.

  • T.M.; Risk Hospital

 T.M., a 25-year-old woman, suffered from heart problems. She underwent open-heart surgery at Al-Rizk Hospital. Thanks to Shifaa and its donors, she is now living a normal life.

  • A.C.; Al-Zahraa Hospital

 A.C., a 30-year-old man who desperately needed knee surgery. Thanks to the doctors at Al-Zahraa Hospital and Shifaa’s donors, he is now walking normally.

In 2015, we contributed in 20 medical cases at a total cost of 15,000 USD with the help of our donors.

  • S.C.; Nabih Berry Governmental Hospital

 S.C. ,an 84-year-old woman, needed hip surgery at Nabih Berry Governmental Hospital. With Shifaa’s help, the operation took place and was a success.

  • K.O.

 K.O. ,a 48-year-old man, needed to buy his monthly-prescribed medication. With Shifaa’s help, we were able to help him get treated.


In 2016, we contributed in 47 medical cases at a total cost of USD 37,492 USD. with the help of our donors

  • A.M.; Rizk Hospital. 

A.M. , a 9 month-old baby , needed an open-heart surgery. The operation was done and successful.


  • A.A.; Hammoud Hospital:

 A. A , a one and a half year-old girl, needed an open heart surgery at Hammoud Hospital. Shifaa covered the amount the family lacked. The operation was successful