Mawled Choir

Shifaa’s Mawled event has become a distinguished celebration that the audience wait for from year to year. It is held in celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This event aims at planting the love of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the heart of the participants and the audience by presenting highlights from the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his teachings, through songs and sketches performed by Shifaa Junior Club (SJC) members.

Over the past years, leading names in the field have joined our team.

Dr Lina Abiad (Associate Professor of communication arts and fundamentals of oral communication at LAU) has been directing the performance and Miss Yasmina Sabbah (Masters of Music in Choral Studies from the University of Cambridge) has been training the choir.

For the past years, the Mawled event was held at the Lebanese American University Beirut with over three performances each year where approximately 1,200 viewers attended and enjoyed SJC kids performing live on stage. An additional performance was held for orphans who were invited to attend and enjoy the performance.

Shifaa has been partnering with LAU Alumni Beirut Chapter. All proceeds went to scholarship grants to LAU students and to Shifaa to cover medical operations for sick kids.

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